Our Health Plans

Ambetter health insurance plans offer several levels of plan options, each one representing a different type of coverage and payment. And in Arkansas, there are four general categories of plan options that you might be eligible for. Eligibility is primarily based on your family size and income level.


  • Ambetter Balanced Care (Silver)
  • Best choice if you’re eligible for government assistance
  • Best balance on premium payments and out-of-pocket costs
  • Health Plans for those 139% and above of the Federal Poverty Level

Health Independence Program

  • Healthcare Independence Program
  • Best choice if you’re eligible for government assistance
  • Health Plans for those 0-138% of the Federal Poverty Level


  • Ambetter Secure Care (Gold)
  • Giving you peace-of-mind for all your healthcare needs
  • Higher monthly premium payments, to help limit your out-of-pocket costs


  • Ambetter Essential Care (Bronze)
  • Covering your essential healthcare needs
  • Lower monthly premium payments, but higher out-of-pocket costs

Plan Options
However, no matter which Ambetter health insurance plan you choose, you can always count on access to high quality, comprehensive care that delivers services, support and all of your Essential Health Benefits.
And when you begin shopping for an Ambetter health insurance plan, we’ll walk you through the eligibility enrollment process. If you’re above 139% of the FPL, you’ll see plans presented in metal tiers such as the ones listed below. But, the only difference between these plans is how much premium you’ll pay each month and how much you’ll pay for certain medical services.

These descriptions represent the way that typical plans at each level work. How much you pay will depend on your specific plan.