Wellness Programs

Ambetter’s My Health Pays program

When you stay up-to-date with your preventive care services, you can earn rewards through our unique incentive program.

Earn up to $125 on your My Health Pays card for:

  • Completing your online Health Risk Assessment ($50)
  • Getting your Annual Wellness Exam ($50)
  • Getting your Annual Flu Shot ($25)

Your rewards will be placed right onto your My Health Pays card—there’s nothing extra you have to do!

Depending on the Ambetter plan you’re eligible for, your rewards can be used on the following items:

Plan Option Federal Poverty Level (FPL) My Health Pays Redemption Options
Health Insurance Marketplace* 0-100% Health-related Items, Public Transportation, Utilities, Child Care and Telecommunications (Phone Bills)
Health Insurance Marketplace* 101-138%
Health Insurance Marketplace* 139-400% Out-of-Pocket Costs such as Copays, Deductibles or Monthly Premium Payments
Health Insurance Marketplace* 401% & above
*This is also referred to as the Healthcare Independence Program.


Ambetter’s Gym Programs

We believe in healthy lifestyle choices, such as using a gym or a health club on a regular basis. That’s why we help make it more affordable for you to stay healthy and active.

With Ambetter, you can:

  • Earn reward dollars on your My Health Pays card just by going to a gym of your choice. Every month, you can earn $20 when you visit your gym at least eight times a month.
  • Get discounts on gym membership fees at approved locations. We’ve partnered with gyms and health clubs across the country. Search today to find approved gyms in your area!

Once your coverage begins, you’ll be able to register with one of our approved gyms to get your discounted rate.